Who really is your cell phone service provider?

Although I haven't had any problems with my LG Rumor (aka LX260), I know it is one of the more troublesome phones so I've been expecting it to die soon. I currently have a texting plan with Virgin Mobile which has been working out great for me, but because it's a texting plan, it's short on minutes so for the past few months I've been paying overuse fees.

I've been looking around for other options, and this list from Wikipedia has been very handy: List of Canadian mobile phone companies.

Although I do realize that the Rogers has excellent coverage, I'm not going near them with a 10 foot pole... I'm going to compare my alternatives with the help of cellphones.ca.



For many brands there might be one cell phone provider. I am about to write a paper online for free and the link given here by you would certainly help. Telecommunications as far as I know are all under the wing of Government and they will help other providers.

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