v1 blog offline

My "v1" Joomla 1.0.15 blog is almost a year old now and support for 1.x has been phased out, so for security reasons I think it's a good idea to finally take it offline. I've been able to import the old content here and I've also setup URL remaps, so you shouldn't notice a thing. Although if you are having trouble with a specific URL, please leave a comment and I'll fix the hole in the regex remapping rules.



Joomla is a big and good CMS - Hello from Germany - Have a nice day

That is good work from to this will help the users to easily locate your URL and access your blog. You must have look at remap of URLs which will some time redirect the original link and shows unwanted stuff to the user according to best uk essays. Now your blog is working fine and I able to read your post and access it easily.