Coffee commercial

I was joking around with a friend today and remembered an old commercial from a few years ago that (I think?) was for Maxwell House... Somebody opens a sealed can of powdered coffee and music comes on: Smells fresh, fresh! Exciting... It's so exiting to me!"

I found the original song (by Kool & the Gang) that the commercial spoofs but I can't seem to find a video of the commercial anywhere. If you happen to find it, please drop a link in a comment!



The exact same thing happened to me, I looked online for it and I can't seem to find it either :S

I was totally looking for that commercial again and I was astounded by how long it was taking to find something on the internet. I searched on youtube, found the original song and nothing else. Then I googled several key words and still nothing. Then, I came upon this post from 6 years ago and a comment from 2 years ago, having the exact same issues. YIKES! Not looking good for us folks trying to find that commercial. At least we now know that we aren't crazy and just imagined the whole thing up. Anyways, I hope someone, someday finds it. #420 #swed