Coffee commercial

I was joking around with a friend today and remembered an old commercial from a few years ago that (I think?) was for Maxwell House... Somebody opens a sealed can of powdered coffee and music comes on: Smells fresh, fresh! Exciting... It's so exiting to me!"

I found the original song (by Kool & the Gang) that the commercial spoofs but I can't seem to find a video of the commercial anywhere. If you happen to find it, please drop a link in a comment!



The exact same thing happened to me, I looked online for it and I can't seem to find it either :S

That was a great coffee commercial in my childhood. This use to have good background music which makes this as music album commercial. It was suddenly stopped and new add is coming in place of it. I searched in YouTube and many blogs like superior papers com, contacted the company web page also but no use. Thi8s is good that you also on the same stream like me who am interested in that commercial.