Sharing your Cyberduck bookmarks between computers via coud sync (Dropbox, Google Drive or Copy)

Cyberduck recently removed a particularly useful piece of information from their wiki regarding the sharing of bookmarks because it is no longer compatible with the sandboxed variant of Cyberduck available from the App Store. It is, however, still compatible with the Windows and OS X download available directly from its website.

To setup bookmark sharing between Cyberduck clients (works with both OS X or Windows), simply create a folder in your cloud sync folder and then point Cyberduck to it.

On OS X, open a Terminal and execute:

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck ~/Dropbox/Cyberduck

On Windows, press Super+R (Super is the key with the Windows logo on it) to open the "Run" dialog, and enter %APPDATA%. Next, open the Cyberduck.exe_Url_[some_garble]\[Version]\user.config file and modify the config file to add the new parameter:

<setting name="CdSettings" serializeAs="Xml">
      <setting name="" value="C:\Users\yourname\Dropbox\Cyberduck" />



Hi, I just tested this setup but the other mac synced do not find the password of my bookmarks... Is there a way to return to previous settings?

This is correct, your bookmarks will be sync'd but not the passwords. Those will be stored in your local keychain, however the keychain itself can be synced using iCloud Keychain feature of recent OS X releases. This will keep your passwords and bookmarks intact.

Hi! I executed the defaults write command without remembering that I have the Mac App Store version. Now Cyberduck can't find any of my bookmarks:

2016-06-03 10.35.49,951 sandboxd[135]: ([862]) Cyberduck(862) deny file-write-create /Users/user/Dropbox/Apps/Cyberduck/Bookmarks

How can I revert this change? The file ch.sudo.cyberduck in ~/user/Preferences doesn't contain this setting., neither does ~/user/Containers/ch.sudo.cyberduck/Container.plist.


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The sharing bookmarks is quite convenient in any operation. It is rather simple, if you apply these instructions and add the necessary parameters.

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