I've always been hesitant to enable comments on my posts due to spambot activity, but I'm hoping Drupal is a bit better than Joomla at fending spammers off... I'm going to enable (moderated) comments for a week and see how it goes. Feel free to leave a comment on any of my articles!



I use the Drupal mollom module (written by Dries himself) for captcha's and to prevent spambot comments. So far it's worked with 100% accuracy!

Your idea was good but i would say to have comment free blog for all your posts would be good to know the pulse of your visitors. I follow the similar thing for my essays ninja blogs and i am extremely happy with the differentiation between joomla and drupal in getting comment moderation.

That is indeed a great idea to reduce spam on your website. There are many automated spam-bots that are programmed to spam and promote websites on all platforms. They must be stopped in all way possible. Good Work ! :)

Nice work!

Nice reviews

Seems like Drupal is more useful and simple to use when it comes to running comments and any other stuff. Unlike the ones that were posted in Write my essay review which makes it more difficult to master.